Upcoming Goals

  • Do a 6-7 mile run once a week
  • Stretch for at least 5 minutes a day
  • Increase strength training for arms


  • Control my appetite on weekends/when out with friends
  • Incorporate vegan options into my diet as often as possible
  • Cook and experiment with more recipes

Life in general

  • Survive finals
  • Get a DSLR and start documenting things (Nikon d3100 or d3200?)
  • Stop being so attached to my electronics, especially before going to bed/waking up

You can choose to make this a good day

I woke up this morning (2 pm counts as morning to me) tired, bloated and sick from yesterday’s festivities. 

These kinds of mornings are rough. Knowing you ate too much and slept too little the night before can leave anyone lethargic and unmotivated. I lay in bed for a while wanting to do nothing besides think about how fat I felt and my lingering junk food cravings.

It’s a feeling I’ve experienced many times before. I know what Old Me would have done - I would tell myself, Hey you already feel like shit so you might as well continue eating whatever you want. There’s no point in exercising because it won’t help. Today doesn’t matter. 

But today does matter. And today, I decided to leave the mentality of Old Me behind. I’m done with that path. I got up and put on my running shoes without thinking twice. 6.5 miles later, I had killed every negative thought that plagued me.

Today, I chose to run with my heaviness instead of sitting and regretting it. Today, I made myself a lame quinoa & tofu salad instead of binging on more junk. No matter what happened yesterday, today matters. Today is worth it. Choose to make it a good day.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

I’ve been naughty

this past week. Cupcakes, hot dogs, alcohol etc… the delicious list goes on and on. I haven’t exercised in a couple of days either. 

I feel like a hypocrite encouraging fitness when I’ve been slacking, but seeing all your posts motivate me and remind me how great “healthy” feels. Nobody’s perfect - we all have off-days/weeks when we eat more and exercise less than we should. What matters is forgiving yourself and deciding to get back on track.

So thank you all for your inspiration and support :)

Since my inbox just exploded with weed related questions, I’m reposting this:

How can you smoke weed and still be healthy?

You have to balance your habits. I only drink occasionally and try not to overdo it. I use a vaporizer instead of burning weed to reduce toxins. Drinking/smoking is relaxing to me and I consider it a part of my mental health.

While I do these things, they don’t take over my life - I still exercise and eat a healthy diet and respect my body. I strongly believe that part of being healthy is the ability to let yourself indulge - eat your favorite foods every now and then, drink a beer if you want one, smoke a J if that’s your thing - without beating yourself up over it. So for me, those things fit into my mentality and lifestyle.

I aim to promote fitness, but I’m not perfect. We are all human and we have our vices. I respect everyone’s opinons, but I am in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally, and my choices work for me.

Thanks for all your messages and input on my psychology/nutrition dilemma. I’m definitely thinking of finishing my psych degree and using that as a base to study nutrition and eating disorders. I would be honored to dedicate my life to helping people out with their bodies and health.

Fitness Survey!

FITNESS SURVEYYY :) :) followers reblog this!

1. Favorite time to workout?
In the morning, right after a small breakfast

2. Favorite place to workout?
The beautiful park by my house, or the gym at my school

3. Favorite workout shirt.
This old white beater from Hollister lol idk why

4. Favorite workout shorts.
Nike Combat Shorts! <3

5. Favorite song to listen to while working out.
Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliot, or Satisfaction by Benny Benassi

6. Weights exercise you like best.
Squats. I don’t “like” them… but they get the job done

7. Favorite post workout snack.
Fruit or cereal

8. How do you get to your place of working out?
The park is literally behind my house and the gym is right next to my building! Lucky me :)

9. Would you workout if you didn’t have to in order to stay fit and healthy?
Isn’t that the point? And yes

10. Favorite thing to do to pass time during cardio.
Daydream or watch Cowboy Bebop on my ipod

11. How many times per week do you exercise?

12. What gets you most motivated to workout?
A good song, pictures on Tumblr, nice weather

13. Do you work alone or with a partner?
Alone, sometimes with the bf

14. Any embarrassing moments while running or at the gym?
I’m pretty sure I trip over myself at least once per run

15. Water or sports drink? 
WATER! I don’t like the way most sports drinks taste.

16. Favorite thing about working out?
That sweaty euphoria afterwards, and the soreness the next day. Especially the latter ;) 


I think I have finally made a decision about what I want to do with myself. It should be said that I have the most incredible parents ever that will be helping me with this decision. It’s enthralling to be on a new path.


I’m not a naturally optimistic person.

I had a really shitty morning and normally, I let it eat me up. Even though I had been ready to go exercise, I didn’t feel like it anymore. I felt like a failure. I just wanted to buy a bag of chips, curl up in bed, and zone out.

But you know what? There’s a moment when you decide whether or not you let something get to you. And today, I made the choice to move on. I put on my workout clothes, ran it off, and felt so much better when I came back. 

Living a healthy lifestyle has changed my attitude towards the world. I can now say that I love myself too much to wallow in pity and loathing, and that is a true breakthrough for me and my pessimism.

Things will only bother you as much as you let them. Sometimes, you just gotta say Fuck It to the bad and move on to the good. I hope all of you do.

Le Weekend

Pretty much bummed around all weekend, enjoying a nice break from working out.

My weekend indulgences included tons of french fries, peach-raspberry pie, and more than a few bites of my boyfriend’s bacon cheeseburger. Still tried to eat plenty of veggies, fruit and healthy fats though, so I don’t feel too bad. Remember to treat yourself every now and then, or you’ll go crazy!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Back to reality and discipline tomorrow.