The more advertising a product needs, the more you should stay away from it

How many TV commercials have you seen for a Rolls Royce? Or for a Tiffany’s engagement ring? Probably not many. That’s because a high quality product doesn’t need much promoting - its quality and legacy sells itself.

The same concept applies to food. All those commercials for Lean Cuisine, Pop Tarts, Doritos, Digiorno’s pizza, Snickers bars, and Dunkin Donuts are designed to make you, the consumer, want to buy a sub-par product. When you go to the supermarket, the aisles in the middle are bright and colorful, attracting your attention and prompting you to buy processed, synthetic foods. 

Food, real food that come from nature and not a factory, doesn’t need to boast its benefits on packaging. Its internal quality is enough. So next time you want more nutrients in your diet, put down that sugary granola bar that says “An excellent source of fiber!” in bright letters on the wrapper and grab a humble apple instead.