Anonymous asked:

I'm almost 15, 60kg and 159 cm. I am really unhappy with myself and I also have depression. I have no motivation to do anything so I'm just wondering if I just stop eating which I know is bad but I am definitely going to, what food is best for me to eat when I need to eat? Xo

Nutrient dense foods such as fruits, leafy green vegetables like spinach, nuts, whole grains like brown rice and wheat bread, lean protein like fish, tofu, beans and chicken.

Whatever your reason for deciding to stop eating is, whether it’s to lose weight or to cope with emotions or to be noticed and helped, remember your last sentence - I need to eat. You need to eat to function. You have to make a choice now - stop eating and continue being drained of motivation and self esteem, or get help, eat well and make yourself better. I hope you choose the latter. My inbox is always open if you need help. Take care of yourself.