Anonymous asked:

I usually eat a healthy amnt of calories (1600-1800, and when I exercise even a little more). But I gained a little weight during Sandy and cut out carbs this past week to drop some. But with mostly protein and no carbs, I ended up consuming a lot fewer calories all week (about 1000!). I know everyone says that screws up your metabolism. Why? Did it screw up mine? How do I fix it and still benefit from the weight I lost this past week?

It didn’t. Eating less calories does slow down your metabolism, but it’s a long term process - if you’ve only been eating less for a week or two, most likely it’ll speed up weight loss since your body is adjusted to burning through 1600-1800 calories. However, if you continue eating less over the next few weeks, your metabolism will adjust to 1000 calories/day and then slow down. Prevent that by reintroducing complex carbs into your diet, your weight loss won’t be affected by it.