Anonymous asked:

What are some ways i can motivate myself to eat healthy? i always try to but sometimes i just binge

  • Clean out your fridge. Get rid of anything expired, blatantly unhealthy and foods you know you have no control over. You can incorporate them back into your diet once your establish better eating habits.
  • Plan out your meals. Having a plan makes it easier to keep track of what, when and how much you’re eating and gives you a goal to stick to. 
  • Use a calorie tracker/app like MyFitnessPal and write down what you eat. Seeing the numbers helps put your eating in perspective and reinforce self control.
  • Research healthy recipes and foods you’ve never tried. There’s so many options that are surprisingly good and ingenious ways to make healthy foods taste like desserts. Expand your diet and you’ll actually enjoy eating healthy.
  • Don’t deprive yourself once you start eating healthy. You can still eat your favorite foods, but make them part of your diet instead of the whole. If you get a craving, treat yo’self in moderation. Find balance.