Anonymous asked:

you're so good at helping with people's concerns so thought i'd try my luck. i'm able to eat healthily and clean all day and then suddenly at night time, after dinner, i just get these incredible urges to binge and i can't resist them! i just ate a carton of strawberries and half a box of cheese crackers! what can i do to stop this?? is my self restraint just not strong enough?

Thank you. And not necessarily, there’s other reasons, some possibilities and how to solve them:

1. You’re not eating enough during the day. Eating clean but below your caloric needs can lead to hunger and overeating later. Re-evaluate what and how much you eat at each meal. Add 1 or 2 extra snacks in between meals and see if it makes a difference.

2. You’re eating for emotional reasons. If at night you’re relaxing or bored, you might eat for stimulation. Or maybe you’re anxious and stressed, you might eat to calm down. If you’re not physically hungry and you find yourself eating, take a step back and analyze why. Resolve any underlying issues you’ve got going on.

3. You’ve created a habit and now you associate night time with binging. It’s the same as smoking when drinking or checking your computer first thing in the morning. Recognize and make yourself break the cycle. Find some other outlet - take a walk, read, talk to a friend, whatever takes your mind off it. Resist just once successfully and the cycle breaks - you’ll realize the urges are all in your head.