Anonymous asked:

i've had these incessant urges to eat badly. idk what it is, maybe because i'm in college so i don't have cooked meals due to having a meal plan. but i just wanted your perspective cause im pretty young, and i just wanna be happy both with my body and my lifestyle. i know living healthy is just much better for you overall, but sometimes i just dont wanna keep track of every single calorie and macro. any input?

You can definitely be healthy without keeping track of calories and macros. I stopped counting and switched to intuitive eating, and it’s helped me recognize and respond to the actual feelings of hunger and satiation as opposed to eating a certain amount because you’re supposed to. When you’re not attaching numbers to everything, it’s easier to enjoy your food and eat well because you want to. Some structure is still necessary but try a more relaxed approach - the urges decrease and you’ll still be healthy.