Anonymous asked:

So I recently started the ABC diet and I just finished day 3 and have lost about 3 pounds already. Things have been going well so far but Im scared I might develop an eating disorder which sounds drastic but it is a pro-Ana diet and now I'm thinking I should have never started it... Do you think I could do up to day ten on this diet then transfer to the skinny girl diet and eventually transfer to the healthy skinny girl diet and not gain all wight back? Please help!

You will probably gain weight back. The fact is, diets are short term solutions. You lose weight fast, but you also gain it back fast. Transferring back and forth between different diets is like taking a complicated path that gets you nowhere when there’s a straight one that leads to your destination. If you want sustainable, long term weight loss you have to forget about the diets and eat cleanly, simply and enough. Any diet should be heeded with caution and pro-ana ones especially are potentially dangerous to your health.┬áDon’t wait until day ten to back out, ditch it now. Skip the “skinny girl”/”healthy skinny girl” diets and any other diet that promotes under eating too, focus on your specific needs. Eat well and stay healthy.