Anonymous asked:

I have battled eating disorders and crazy strict dieting for about 3 years off and on and I finally have stopped but my mega sweet tooth is getting in the way of my healing process. I always have an urge to binge. I am focusing on eating healthy wholesome meals and not depriving myself. Do you have any tips on eating healthy and allowing yourself a treat without going overboard or beating yourself up?

  • Pair your treats with something healthy - ice cream and fruit, candy and tea, etc. It slows down eating and balances out the sweetness
  • Serve yourself a portion instead of eating straight out of the container
  • Pace yourself. Enjoy it as long as possible.
  • Always be conscious, not obsessive, about what and how you eat. If you find yourself mindlessly eating, take a moment to recognize you’re full, the next bite tastes the same and you don’t need any more.
  • Going overboard happens. Learn from it. Next time it happens, try to identify the triggers behind it, what you did last time, and what you can do differently this time
  • Look at food in a positive way - something to enjoy and build your body with. Eat well, don’t deprive yourself or feel guilty, and find balance.