Things I want to do in the future! So to get to this wonderful place on my journey I will be doing several things

1. Couch to 5k

even though i used to get my run on in the past I need to start all over from scratch. The fastet 5k I ever ran was in 28 minutes. I want to try and get faster and eventually run more than 5 miles, but i got to start from somewhere first so here is the couch to 5k .

2. Weight Training with my own body weight

I really want to do all my weight training with my own body weight so I am doing these goal oriented exercise series. My plan is after I reach the allotted number to incorporate the final number into my everyday routine.

3. Eat Right

I eat so much sugar it is sad. and I snack like a mad man, and I don’t drink enough water, and portion size? whazz dat nevah heard of it. So these are the things I need to work on. for the most part. I do not eat that much fast food. I love fruits and vegetables and my diet is not too atrocious. I just love me a cinnabon is all. ohh and my down fall is flaming hot cheetos and gatorade… that shit doesn’t even make sense. so i just want to get it all together!