tothefreshair asked:

I know one girl who exercises like 4-5 times a week, eats generally healthy, but then on Saturdays, she eats a lot of chocolate, cookies etc. so called has a cheat day. What you think of that kind of thing? I am asking, because I can manage to keep healthy, but when I let myself to eat something not so healthy, then my "cheat" day turns into cheat week..

I’m not a fan of “cheat days”, because I don’t have enough self control when it comes to good food to just go all out for one day and not experience any lingering cravings the next day or two. Also the term “cheat” makes something like indulging in good food seem negative, look at it as **treat day**! instead. I suggest spreading out your treats throughout the week instead of saving it all for one day, you’ll feel better, and get to practice the concept of eating in moderation.