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Do I intake too much salt? I have the calorie counter app and it always says I go over my salt intake but I don't eat like chips and shit, I eat healthy-ish? so do ignore it?

There’s salt in a lot of foods, not just snack ones. Stuff like canned vegetables, soup, condiments, cheese, etc. all have decent amounts of salt in them so it’s pretty common to reach the limit. If you want to cut down on salt, try looking for no/low-sodium products, and cook more food at home where you can control the amount and use more non/low-sodium seasonings like pepper, herbs, lemon, garlic, etc.

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Oh my fucking god help me, SQUATS WHISE, how, when, weights, food, challenges ?? Help my ass its important!!


When: Every other day, every day if you can (generally advised to rest at least 1 day a week)

Weights: If you’re just starting, begin with body squats (no weights). Build up to 5, 10, 15 lb dumbbells. Then move on to however much weight you can handle.

Challenges: The 30 day Squat Challenge seems popular. But the best challenge (in my book) is to just squat as often as you can.

Your ass is important

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Hey, I could use some advice - I'm 14, 5"4.5, 134 pounds, and want to lose some weight and get fit. Some sources are saying I need at least 1,800 calories a day, some say 1,600, but I feel comfortable in the 1,200-1,400 range. Whenever I eat more than that, I feel like I overate, but they say I could possibly harm my growth not eating enough calories. I eat when I'm hungry and it's 70% clean food. Help?

It’s true that you need more calories when you’re growing, but the exact amount is different for every individual. You’re at a healthy weight for your age and height and if you’re just looking to tone up, it doesn’t sound like you need to make any huge changes. if you find you need some guidance, a food journal/tracker can be helpful - just to make sure you’re getting those vital nutrients. But you seem to have a healthy attitude towards eating and as long as you’re eating when you’re hungry and not restricting yourself, I think you should listen to your body and not worry about hitting a particular number. 

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Hi, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to run in the winter? I live in Canada and it's very icy and i'm afraid I may slip and injure myself.

  • Run during lighter/warmer hours - mid-afternoon if you can 
  • Stay hydrated - room temp water before or during your run
  • Layer - wear light, breathable materials that still keep you warm (like under armour) and a running jacket/fleece. Accessorize with a hat/headband, gloves and maybe a lightweight scarf to help you breathe easier
  • Look for shoes with adequate traction, such as trail sneakers, to prevent slipping
  • Choose roads that are less prone to freezing over (like wood trails), and if nothing else, find an indoor track or treadmill