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Alright don't hate me but I totally loathe avocados (sorry!!) but I'm starting to incorporate them in my breakfast for protein since I don't like eggs (again, sorry!)..would you say it's an acquired taste?

lmao I had eggs and avocado for breakfast, it’s ok though. I was neutral about avocados when I first had them, I thought they were pretty bland. I actually didn’t start liking them until I had guacamole from Chipotle, after that I was hooked. So if you don’t like the taste of plain avocado, season it with lemon/lime juice, salt, and pepper and see what a huge difference it makes. It might become an acquired taste, if all else fails, there’s plenty of options for protein like hummus, yogurt, and tahini you can add to breakfast.

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I don't like milk but since calcium seems to be soo important I started eating yogurths for dessert. Problem is i've started having cramps and stomach pains on a daily basis too. Could I be lactose intolerant? Because I have no problem with ice cream or cheese : /

It’s possible, although both ice cream and cheese contain lactose so if you don’t have problems with those the pain may be due to something else. Go to the doctor and have them check you out, so you know for sure. Also, there are many non-dairy sources of calcium like soy, leafy greens like spinach, kale and collard greens, fortified cereal and tofu.

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Haaay you seem to have great music taste:D What are your favorite bands forever?

Thanks! I’ll split this up…Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Neutral Milk Hotel in the alt category

Boards of Canada, Nujabes, Telefon Tel Aviv, Washed Out and Toro y Moi for electro/chill

Danny Brown, Aesop Rock, FlyLo, Kendrick, Das Racist, Chance The Rapper, Earl, Eyedea, ATCQ, and CunninLynguists for hiphop

Hendrix and The Doors for the classics

Lil B for life

I post a fair amount of music on my personal blog, go listen!